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LeadSure was formed by independent marketing consultants to help bridge the divide between online and offline businesses. We work closely with various online publishers to help South African businesses leverage internet-based marketing opportunities. Over 25 million South Africans now have internet access with daily usage of social media, search engines and email.

Our publishers range from social media influencers to independent website owners and established digital media networks. The diversity of channels across search engines, social media, websites and blogs, allows our clients exposure to various market segments in South Africa. As the digital marketing industry shifts towards performance marketing, we specialise exclusively in lead generation.

How It Works


Your value proposition is presented to internet users on our partner networks.


Your lead form is submitted by interested consumers and sent to our server.


Lead data is instantly sanitized and submitted to your CRM or sales email.


Lead Sources

We are committed to ethical marketing and lead generation methodologies that comply with current and upcoming legislation.

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Our Partners

To ensure POPI compliance, we do not engage in any form of unsolicited communications for lead generation and sales. All leads are sourced through online channels. We have partnered with leading South African publishers in the digital media space for ethical and compliant lead generation.

 We are the official sales partner for Adjacent Digital. With over 40 high traffic South African websites and  200 domains, they have one of the largest online networks in South Africa. Adjacent Digital is one of the leading suppliers of web leads to the financial services industry, including medical aids and insurers. We can ensure that your brand has the best exposure on the Adjacent Digital network.


Get in Touch

Please ensure that your email address is correct. We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

We only supply leads to insurers. We do not supply third party call centres or intermediaries.

We also will not reply to emails from GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other free webmail services.

Lead Sure S.A. is a digital business service. Our partners in the digital media industry are experts in real time business lead generation channel across search engines, websites and social media. We do not generate leads through SMS, email or telemarketing to ensure that we are compliant with the relevant legislation. We do not sell mailing lists or double-sell leads. Due to our strict lead generation policy, our lead volume is limited.

Please use the mail form to contact us and provide details of your business and the leads that you require. You can also connect with us on social media through the links below.