About Us

Lead Sure is a media and marketing intermediary that connects South African business with digital media networks.. Established in 2019, our goal is to assist South African businesses leverage the lead generation opportunities available via the internet. Our vendors include bloggers, social media influencers, multi-site networks and even established media houses. From short-term insurance to education and travel, we have been helping South African businesses increase sales and expand their footprint on a performance marketing basis.

With access to the skills, tools and an extensive network of vendors, we can ensure that your brand, product or service gets targeted exposure to specific market segments within South Africa. Targeted leads allow our clients to derive measurable organisational value (MOV) from our campaigns. We employ a multi-channel and integrated approach to online lead generation. We ensure that none of our vendors engage in SMS or email marketing (spamming) or telemarketing.

Our services are not limited to large corporates or specific sectors of industry. We understand that small business across all sectors is the cornerstone of the South African economy. Without the resources to benefit from online opportunities and digital marketing specialists, SMEs are often at a disadvantage. We believe that our customised performance marketing solutions can allow SMEs to leverage the power of the internet to create awareness and promote their products/services through targeted lead generation.