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In the age of smart phones, a voice call is often unnecessary and sometimes an annoyance for consumers. Communication has shifted towards instant messengers like WhatsApp. With POPIA, SMS marketing is no longer an option unless you have an opt-in database.

Call centres that rely on cold calling or SMS are at a disadvantage.

It goes beyond changing communication methods.  It is no longer on contact lists and databases to generate leads. Call centres need to source leads from POPI-compliant sources and use their resources to warm up these leads to close more sales.

Targeted sales leads have a higher conversion rate as consumers express their interest in the value proposition and are awaiting contact. We specialise in the following web leads:

  • Medical leads – for medical aid, gap cover or health insurance products
  • Funeral leads – available in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu or isiXhosa
  • Vehicle leads – for car insurance, motor warranty plans, scratch and dent cover or vehicle tracking

Why call centre leads ?

The days of cold calling are gone. Unsolicited phone calls can have an adverse effect on a brand, frustrate consumers, waste resources and even have legal repercussions. Consumers are also fighting back.

From blocking call centre numbers to using apps like TrueCaller, South African consumers are ensuring that their peace and privacy are not invaded. The “national consumer database” excuse used by many call centres no longer sits well with consumers.

Many South African corporates have become wary of outsourcing new sales to call centres for some of these reasons. Instead they are looking towards lead generation for their in-house sales department. Innovative call centres are following suit.

It is now about leads, not lists. As consumers become more internet savvy, the online channel makes sense for call centre lead generation. There is the added benefit of being POPI compliant as the lead is sourced through legitimate expression of interest by the consumer.

Call centres can therefore benefit from leads, particularly targeted online leads. By minimising waste of key resources including time, staff and operational costs, leads can increase ROI and improve profitability. We understand that call centres may not be specialists in digital marketing and specifically in online lead generation. This is where Lead Sure can bring a new dimension to business process outsourcing, by providing real time lead generation within targeted market segments.


Lead Sources

We are committed to ethical marketing and lead generation methodologies that comply with current and upcoming legislation.

Search Engine


Social Media


SMS Marketing


E-mail Marketing


Tele Marketing


How we generate leads ?

Lead Sure does not engage in SMS or email marketing, nor are we involved in telemarketing. Instead we use dynamic online channels like search engines and social media. With a network of over 40 South African websites and a large social media following across several sectors, we can reach highly targeted market segments through organic rankings and ad delivery.

Having established ourselves as specialists in medical leads (formerly as since 2013, we have adapted these same tried and tested methodologies for other sectors. Our integrated approach generates targeted leads of consumers that are aware and interested in our clients’ value proposition. It is a distinct advantage over cold calling.

With our clientele spanning some of South Africa’s leading medical schemes, insurers, education providers and travel agents, our lead generation services can also benefit the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry). As the market evolves the focus is now on leads. We believe that leads, not lists, should therefore be the lifeblood of any innovative call centre in the 21st century.

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Lead Sure S.A. is a digital business service. Our partners in the digital media industry are experts in real time business lead generation channel across search engines, websites and social media. We do not generate leads through SMS, email or telemarketing to ensure that we are compliant with the relevant legislation. We do not sell mailing lists or double-sell leads. Due to our strict lead generation policy, our lead volume is limited.

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