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Our vehicle leads

At Lead Sure, we are committed to providing quality WEB leads for a range of financial products. Our vehicle insurance and value added product leads are sourced from the web, either on dedicated websites or its associated social media accounts. This includes leads for car insurance, motor warranty plans, scratch and dent cover, rim and tyre cover and vehicle tracking.

We have dedicated websites for each of these vehicle-related products with targeted South African traffic. Website visitors who are interested in your vehicle product can choose to fill in a contact or quote form with their contact details which is immediately sent to you via API integration with your CRM or LMS.

There is no unsolicited communication such as SMS, email or telemarketing. This ensures that our leads are POPI compliant.

Why vehicle web leads ?

Vehicle leads are among the most sought after short-term insurance leads among brokers, insurers, call centres and marketers.  Due to the high demand for these leads, particularly car insurance leads, we will only work with reputable industry partners who are registered FSPs (financial service providers) and ensure strict POPI compliance.

The telemarketing industry has heavily relied on SMS channels over the years and this was largely unsolicited communication. Unfortunately without an opt-in database, your ability to leverage SMS is now limited due to POPIA. Web leads bypasses much of the legal wrangle around POPI compliance.

Your value proposition will appear across the network of vehicle-related websites operated by our partners in digital publishing. We have spent years building a targeted audience in specific sectors who may be interested in your product or service. Web leads are less intrusive and will only deliver a lead with greater intent, thereby reducing the effort to warm up leads.


Lead Sources

We are committed to ethical marketing and lead generation methodologies that comply with current and upcoming legislation.

Search Engine


Social Media




SMS Marketing


E-mail Marketing


Search Engine Leads vs Social Media Leads

Search Engine Leads


Social Media Leads

Search Engine

Search engine leads are often considered to be of the highest value. These are leads where the consumer took an action to seek information, i.e. by searching for certain keywords or phrases relevant to your product or service.

This means that the AWARENESS and INTEREST stages of marketing have already been overcome. The consumer now has to make a DECISION and take an ACTION which requires the assistance of trained agents and advisers.

We own and/or manage a network of over 20 South African medical websites with organic traffic. It includes dedicated medical aid and health insurance websites as well as general healthcare websites providing medical news and patient information to consumers. This allows us to reach consumers who are seeking cover or medical-related information.

Social Media

Social media leads are generated through our highly targeted following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It comprises a South African audience in the LSM 6+ segment with an interest in private healthcare and medical cover.

To maximise the ROI of our lead generation campaigns, we use a multi-channel approach with A.I. based programmatic advertising. This helps us deliver better quality leads among consumers with the desired affordability.

We integrate our search and social media lead generation campaigns.  Through this synergy we are able to generate social media leads, both organic and paid, that are targeted and campaigns that are cost effective to scale than generic social media marketing techniques.

Get in Touch

Please ensure that your email address is correct. We will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

We only supply leads to insurers. We do not supply third party call centres or intermediaries.

We also will not reply to emails from GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other free webmail services.

Lead Sure S.A. is a digital business service. Our partners in the digital media industry are experts in real time business lead generation channel across search engines, websites and social media. We do not generate leads through SMS, email or telemarketing to ensure that we are compliant with the relevant legislation. We do not sell mailing lists or double-sell leads. Due to our strict lead generation policy, our lead volume is limited.

Please use the mail form to contact us and provide details of your business and the leads that you require. You can also connect with us on social media through the links below.